GEOINFO will be held at the Orotour Garden Hotel, in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil.

    Orotour Garden Hotel
    Rua Eng. Gustavo Kaiser, 165 - Jaguaribe.
    CEP: 12460-000 - Campos do Jordão - São Paulo
    Website: http://www.orotour.com.br
    Phone: +55 (12) 3662-2833 / Fax: +55 (12) 3662-4416
    Lat:-22.714575; Long:-45.593448

Campos do Jordão is a convenient and easily reachable location from the main airports and cities in Southeast Brazil, with the high elevation (for Brazilian standards) being the main attaction. The mountains have inspired the European-looking architecture, with German, Swiss, and Italian style buildings.

Credits: Denise Cristina