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General Information

   The GeoINFO series of scientific conferences is an annual forum for exploring ongoing research, development and innovative applications on geographic information science and related areas. Papers should describe original research, ongoing (preferably) or recently completed and are reviewed by an international scientific committee.

   After ten yearly editions, from 1999 to 2008, GeoINFO took a sabbatical break in 2009 and returns in 2010 with renewed energy. The characteristics that were present throughout the event's history remain the same, namely the high quality of submissions, the excellent level of discussions, and the presence of highly regarded keynote speakers. Furthermore, GeoInfo 2010 will take place in the friendly atmosphere of Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, site of many memorable editions, from November 28 to December 01 2010.


selected papers to appear in JCBS The three papers selected to appear in the JBCS - Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society are:

   An Ontolological gazetteer for geographic information retrieval,
   Ivre Marjorie Machado, Rafael Alencar, Roberto Campos-Jr, Clodoveu Davis-Jr

   EpiNet/TerraView: plug-in para simulação de enfermidades infecciosas em redes sociais com fluxo de populações,
   Carolina Pena, Marcelo Costa, André Gomes

   Um algoritmos para identificar padrões comportamentais to tipo avoidance em trajetórias de objetos móveis,
   Allison Loy, Vania Bogorny, Chiara Renso, Luis Otavio Alvares

participation certificates available The participation certificates are available.

proceedings available The symposium proceedings are available.

list of papers available The list of accepted papers is available.

round table confirmed Roundtable confimed: Semantic Issues on Geographic Information Science
   This roundtable will present to the GeoInfo audience an overview of current issues on spatial semantics, including issues related to Semantic Reference Systems, Semantic Web and Semantic Annotation.

   Dr. Claudia Bauzer de Medeiros - UNICAMP
   Dr. Frederico Fonseca - The Pennsylvania State University
   Dr. Gilberto Câmara - INPE
   Dr. Marco Antonio Casanova - PUC-Rio
   Dr. Werner Kuhn - ifgi

list of papers available In conjunction with GeoInfo 2010, INPE and ifgi will realize the GeoChange research symposium to discuss and initiate solutions to modeling environmental change. Follow the link on the main menu to obtain more information about GeoChange.

Prepared by Lúbia Vinhas and Vania Bogorny